Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Getaway!!

My husband has been working for the past 33 days straight so when he said we are planning to get away for the weekend with just me and him I was ECSTATIC!!  I truly love this man and any moment I get to spend with him ALONE I jump for joy and do a happy dance.  Kids are fun but sometimes the chaos and the noise get in the way of us truly trying to have a conversation and just enjoy each other.

Anywho, we began our adventure to the big city and talked about all the excitement of what has been happening at both of jobs.  Laughing at stupid things that dont mean anything and having a fantastic time!!  We made our first stop to Self Serve to get a certain something that we have been eying for a while.  We love toys but get annoyed when we have to keep changing the batteries or when the power simmers out and you are SOOOOO close to the peak you have been craving.  This magical toy is none other then the Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator.
Not only can you use it for personal satisfaction but also for massaging which never gets complaints from this girl.  I got an attachment so it would be easier to maintain and I was not disappointed.  As much as I like the clitoral play I really liked rubbing this toy on my nipples.  Pretty sure I could have played only in that one spot and perfectly been happy.

Anyways after we got our special toy we went and checked in at the hotel Marriott.  It is a super beautiful hotel but not very people friendly.  You couldn't touch something without having to pay for it.  They had a bottle of water in the room but it had a tag on it for $3.50.  I still am baffled at the reason for them to charge for every little thing considering the rooms are not cheap.  Grrrrrr

We went and ate dinner at Ojo Locos because I was really craving their tacos.  My honey would have said something funny but I was really wanting their tacos.  They have delicious tacos and their guacamole is amazing!!  My eyes were definitely bigger than my tummy and I couldnt finish everything. But it was so mouth watering and yummylicious.  I tried my first shot here and that was great except for the salt.  I definitely could of done without the salt.  We made a few more stops and then enjoyed the night at the hotel.

On Saturday we were able to enjoy a kid-less not so quiet morning before our appointments to Massage Envy.   I always thought that Massage Envy was a school for people to learn how to massage but it was a very well designed business with professional employees.  My hubby and I had a couples massage he had a female masseuse and I had my first experience with a male masseuse and it was amazing.  I was so turned on at having another mans strong hands on me it was an interesting experience.  It was definitely more enjoyable having my honey right next to me.  Have to admit I was sore the next day because I told the gentlemen that I liked it hard and rough and kept asking for a little more pressure.  It was amazing!!

We enjoyed many stores the rest of the day and and even more exciting drive home to our own bed.  I am so happy to have gotten away with my love and I look forward to our next get away.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

15 Things I Like To Do

I don't understand why this is right after the things I like to do alone but here it goes.

15. Play cards

14. Sleep and lounge in bed

13. Laugh and be silly

12. I love to tease and flirt. It never gets old.

11. I love to self serve ;-)

10. I love to serve others and make them happy.

9. Read a good book

8. Walking

7. Being in nature. I love trees and their different seasons of color.

6. Singing, especially with my babies in the car.

5. Dancing, I love moving my body to any music.

4. Massages. Mmmmmmm a little piece of heaven

3. Be with my husband. He truly is my match and makes me so incredibly happy.

2. Staying at hotels. We should all get away once in a while.

1. Swimming or hot tubbing. I love the water.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Scare

I wanted to take my kids into a Halloween store to get them their costumes but to go to one would mean to drive two hours there and back.  I was going to resort to buying one at Walmart until I read Boobies, Babies, & A Blog's review about an online Halloween store.  Hello?!! Why didnt I think of that?!  So glad she posted it, because I needed the reminder.

One good thing about buying online is you can view the merchandise for the kids and they can choose.  It was so much easier than going in a store and having them go crazy over all the accessories and costumes.

So we have a Monster Miss Child, A Feisty Fox Child, Hooded Pretty Kitty and a Skeleton. (which I am having a hard time finding again)

Let the festivities begin!!

16 Things I Do When I Am Alone

This could get into dirty little secrets. . . . . . . . . .

16. Sleep - Seriously a no brainer

15.  Sing Out Loud - I do this when people are around too

14. Dance - A girl needs to sway

13. Read - Just finished the Grey Series and I think I might pick them up again

12. Write naughty emails - Need to free this dirty mind

11. Text my honey

10. Call a friend - Let's face it I hardly get to be in a quiet place so if I was alone I would take advantage of the chaos-noise free time and phone a friend

9. Take a bath - Love me some water

8. Enjoy my nakedness - I think we would all walk around nude if we had more self confidence, maybe

7. Play games - I am addicted to Shape Shifter, Nerts and Wordfeud

6. Work - I get so much work done without distractions

5. Eat - Snacking on food is something I need to break

4. Clean - I like cleaning more when I am alone

3. Drive - I get to have some driving times alone

2. Pinterest - Another addiction

1. I am hardly alone

Sunday, October 14, 2012

To Work or Not to Work

After being a stay at home mama for three years I went back to work with the idea in mind that it would make me feel better about myself and get me out of the house.

It has definitely gotten me out of the house and made me feel better about myself in a sense of accomplishing projects and such. But it has taken up a lot of time to where I have not been able to take care of myself physically or give proper attention to my family an home.

I am really torn because I love my job I enjoy the people I work with but the priorities in my life are not getting much attention. More frustration is happening because I don't have the time or energy to make dinner, work out, clean or play with my kids.

I need to prioritize and take a break once in a while. The bigger picture for me is saving so we can eventually move to our final resting place. A place where our kids will be happy and be able to settle in. There is a lot of pros and a lot of cons but in the end I just need to quit being a wuss and stick it out.

17 Words I Like

It is hard to pinpoint all the words I might like. There was one that I heard the other day and I can not remember at all what it was. I love random words. I love naughty words.

17. Groovy

16. Silence

15. Fuck

14. Classy

13. Pissant

12. Love

11. Sex

10. Fan-freakin-tastic

9. Family

8. Ace

7. Yum

6. Sleep

5. Delicate

4. Sparse

3. Water

2. Breath

1. Dick

Saturday, October 13, 2012

18 Names I like

There are soooooo many fun names out there that it would be hard to choose 18.  Then again maybe not.

18. Sophie

17. Jackson

16. Honey

15. Baby

14. Sweetie

13. My Own

12. Husband

11. Kid 1

10. Kid 2

9. Kid 3

8. Kid 4

7. George

6. Lover

5. Sugar

4. Charles

3. Jasper

2. Libby

1. Melody

Friday, October 12, 2012





Tuesday, October 9, 2012

20 Dreams

 Dreams that I would love to make a reality in no particular order. 

20. To fit into my clothes again. I have many different sizes but I would like to fit in the smaller sizes lol

19. To visit more places. I am so fascinated by everything and every place that I would love to explore. 

18. To be able to settle down and find a final resting place for my family.  As much as I love the change I would love to have one place where my family can feel safe, be happy and call home. 

17. To be able to take my children and spoil them with new adventures. 

16.  To be able to spend every waking moment with my husband (I know this will be far in the future, maybe)

15.  To be able to communicate with my family on a weekly basis just for the heck of it. We communicate but mostly to tell each other something important, plan family events or when we need something. I really want to talk just because. . . . . .

14. Right now I love my job and I love the people I work with!! But. . . . I would really like to take a break from work and focus on myself. Kind of get myself back into better physical and somewhat mental health since being hospitalized I have been on the go. 

13. To be able to go rafting. I love the water and I have always dreamed about going to Colorado and rafting down the river or any place really. 

12. To visit a lighthouse. My collection would not be complete unless I got to see one in person. 

11.  To be able to visit and take care of my parents when that time comes. My mom and I are pretty close and it would tear me up if I wasn't able to be there for her. 

10. I would love to have a beautiful flower garden and food garden. I dream of having a colorful and welcoming entrance. 

9. Having a food storage. I am slowly but surely having one come together so my family will be taken care of in case of disaster. 

8. For my kids to clean up after themselves. 

7. To come to grips and a realization of what I believe. I am so confused in my life on my beliefs that it is hard to pin point exactly how I feel. 

6. To be able to exercise on a regular basis and not be tired. Be more active. 

5. For my kids to be happy and overall enjoy their life.

4.  For my kids to learn something good from me. 

3.  To be able to go to Thailand with my love. 

2. To learn how to work a stripper pole. I know there are workouts out there and I think it would be fun. 

1.  To possibly get another tattoo. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

20 Day Blog Challenge

I read Restless Vagabond on a daily basis and I was really excited about this challenge she started. Plus I wanted to start blogging to release all this crazy I am holding inside. It has been a hard month but I want to move forward. 
Feel free to participate too! To play, write a blog post about:
20 dreams you have.
19 quotes you love.
18 names you like
17 words you like.
16 things you do when you are alone.
15 things you like to do.
14 books you have read – would like to read – both.
13 songs you can’t stop listening to
12 facts about you.
11 things of your room
10 persons you can’t live without
9 videos you like
8 favorite foods.
7 persons/artists/both you dislike
6 things you can’t live without
5 Pictures of you when you were little
4 places you want to go to.
3 letters to 3 different people
2 languages you wish you know / want to learn.
1 phrase that describes you.

Frustrated With A Little Past

I am sure everyone has heard or are a part of Facebook. I have been a little more guarded with who I am friends with and some people I tend to think I am just trying to be nice but now it's getting to a point to where they are taking advantage.     

What is the situation? Well I have an ex-boyfriend and his wife on my Facebook page. We comment on each others status and have left it at that. Now this guy has decided to text me, since my number is on my account, in response to my statuses. I am a very playful person and I would respond to his random texts. But he wanted to take it further. I talked about his wife and how he needed to tell her what he was doing and I wouldn't talk to him like this. (My husband knew what was happening). 

As of late he has tried to take it further by talking about our past and things we have done. It started getting uncomfortable and extremely awkward.  It started bringing up awkward feelings that I had when I was a senior in high school and he was pushing for more when I didn't want to give more. He asked me why I was leaving him hanging and I simply said I was sorry but I couldn't go there. He said ok but it has been stressing me out because I know it will be a temptation for him. So I removed the temptation as best I could. I deleted him from my Facebook,I still have his wife on there. I don't know if I should delete her too. I just don't want the confrontation and I for sure don't need the drama.

I don't mind mingling with couples and consenting adults but when you do it behind spouses backs especially with people you have a past with it gets complicated and messy. At least for me I feel it can get that way and it scares me. I don't want to jeopardize anyone's relationship not to mention my own.