365 Happy Thoughts

I am doing this not to be cheesy or corny but so I can think of something happy/positive everyday.  It may not be happiness to you but it sure is to me.

Happy Thought #1

This New Year is going to be one of many changes and many new excitements and heartaches but I look forward to it and I welcome it with a smile on my face and music playing to dance the night away!!

Happy Thought #2

Sleep is so important for me.  It refreshes the body and mind and lets you start over the next day.  What is there not to be happy about sleep?!! But there is such a thing as too much and too little sleep and the effect it can have on your body.  Be sure to be aware of it and know what is good for you.

Happy Thought #3

I tend to move towards colorful things.  They make me smile and they get me excited.  I dont know why but I notice I am happier when surrounded by bright happy colors.  Colors in any environment can move people and make a positive experience or a negative, depending on the colors.

Happy Thought #4

Cookies and milk!! How could this not make you happy?!!  If you eat too many your stomach might not like it but other than that this is a very happy thought for me.  But dont forget the milk!!

Happy Thought #5

Happy Thought #6

Happy Thought #7

The wii has provided lots of fun times especially when we play together as a family!! It is a positive experience for all.

Happy Thought #8

Happy Thought #9

Happy Thought #10

"If it's meant to be it will be"

This has kind of been my motto for the last couple months as I try find out where I am supposed to be in life. Whether it be a job, helping out more, going to a church, and anything else on my path. It has taken a few hard knocks and I still don't have this patience and ease mastered but in any given situation I repeat these words and know I will be taken care of.

Happy Thought #11

Happy Thought #12

I simply adore trees.  All of them!!  I find peace when I can stare at a tree and see the changes in them  It is almost like the Phenomenon movie when John Travolta was looking out the window staring at the trees and swaying.  I feel myself sway.  Anywho just a little about me.  I love trees.

Happy Thought #13

Happy Thought #14

Happy Thought #15

Happy Thought #16

Happy Thought #17

Happy Thought # 18

This is my happy thought for yesterday.  It is my awesome sleep number bed!!  It is so comfortable and it is huge so I can lay on it and have friends lay on it with me while we veg out.  It is is super awesome and relaxes the body every time!

Happy Thought #19

This fun little poster made me smile and made me think of a friend who said she had balls of steel. lol  Women are truly amazing as are men.  But women always seem to amaze me at what they can and can not handle.

Happy Thought #20

Turning off the lights can provide lots of happy thoughts and happy memories. ;)

Happy Thoughts #21

It shall be no secret that I am a huge fan of Victoria Secret's products.  Yes they can be a bit expensive but there product still last and makes a girl feel good.  I was wishing I had my Victoria Secret bra on today that is what made me think of this happy thought. My other bra kept poking me in the back and it was annoying me!!

Happy Thought #22

My kids were laughing randomly and they wouldnt stop. They like to sit and stare at each other and just start laughing. Sometimes it is funny. Sometimes it is annoying. But for the most part it makes me happy to hear them laugh.

Happy Thought #23

Do any of you have that one piece of clothing that makes you feel super sexy no matter what?!!  I have it with these lace pink panties I got from Walmart of all places.  I have been feeling fat lately and for some reason when I put these on I felt sexy, gorgeous and ready to tackle the world.  It made me happy and silly throughout the day.  Underwear really does make a difference.  hahahaha  Happy Monday to everyone!! ;)

Happy Thought #24

His touch!
Makes me shiver inside.
Excites my heart.
Makes me moan with delight.

His hands
Caressing my skin
Rubbing me thin
Making me blush with surprise.

Happy Thought #25

A sure way to get this girl to smile is to put some yummy, colorful flowers in front of her.  I love flowers.

Happy Thought #26

I sewed a bag tonight and holy cow I was just ripping through it because I just wanted to finish it.  Sewing is time consuming but I sewed it and it turned out awesome.  A little uneven but overall awesome.  Hope to learn how to sew more

Happy Thought #27

I have come to love trying Ben and Jerry's flavors of ice cream.  I love to just go stand in the freezer aisle to see what new flavors and what names there are.  They have some yummy ones and some I would never touch.  I just wish they weren't so expensive

Happy Thought #28

Boobies is having a give-away and it is not just one!! Go check them out and see what you can get!!
Be sure to look for my name on the giveaways!!
Give Always always make me happy!!
Happy Thought #29
Every morning the sun has been hitting me just right and shining a bit through my window.  Instead of annoying me it has actually been making me smile a bit.  It always nice to get some sunshine in.
Happy Thought #30

Happy Thought #31

I know it sounds bad but this kind of made me laugh.
Being a working mom has been kind of crazy trying to run errands and make sure everything is taken care of.  I enjoy being busy and being useful but it also makes me appreciate the time I spent at home doing nothing. lol

Happy Thought #32

Happy Thought # 33

Pick Your Plum

Happy Thought #34