Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals For #2012#

I was never one for making goals or sticking to them.  I knew what I wanted to do so I would do it without giving it a timeline or deadline.  Truth is we all have things to work on and it isn't going to happen over night, a year or even two, depending on the goal.  This year I want to set some goals and give myself the feeling of accomplishment and the knowledge that I can follow through and finish what I start.

So here it goes:

          * Keep Up With This Blog
               - I know it sounds silly but I tend to get bored with things so I want to keep up this blog and never let it go silent.

          * Write A Happy Thought For Each Day

               - I suffer from what people call depression.  Not something I like to claim but I cant hide  from the truth.

          * Be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show For The 12 Days Of Christmas

               - My kiddos and I have watched the Ellen show for a while now and this past couple 12 Days of Christmas my oldest looked over at me and said, "Why arent we that lucky?"  Not that luck comes from Ellen but I would love to attend and have my kiddos feel special.

          * Get Healthy: Physically, Mentally And Spiritually

               - Depression kind of messes with every aspect of your life and I kind of lost who I was as a person.  I ate my pain away, I didn't sleep as I should, and religion kind of scared me to pieces.  Even though I grew living a normal life and following the motions.  I want to be healthy and happy.

I will stop there because if I overwhelm the issue than it will never get done.  Here's to a positive and bright new future, journey and adventure!!

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