Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lookin Up

Well I applied for a job with this new move and am happy to say that I got it.  Woo-hoo!  I really had no doubts but when they said 15 applied I was a little worried.  today being my first day at worked it was a bit overwhelming on the brain but I am sure with time it will all come together.  I am so excited to have his opportunity and have this chance to have purpose again.  besides what I am supposed to have purpose about of course.  Being a mother a wife blah blah blah. 

I have made some more recipes from pinterest and they were oh so heavenly!!  I really loved them and so did the family.  It was the Sugar Cookie Bars and the French Dip Crescent Rolls.  Pinterest might just be the best invention.  I am such a visual girl and seeing the pictures makes recipes, blogs, crafts so much more wantable and doable.

I met my new therapist today and it was a little awkward, not gonna lie.  I pretty much told him my history and what got me to this point.  I didnt really have much to say after this.  He kind of just looked at me probably assessing what I just said.  I was sure to tell him if he didnt take the lead I would not have much to say.  So we discussed structure and what we wanted to accomplish.  Definitely made me feel better when he spoke and talked of having a plan.  This could be a positive experience. 

Well I am tired and tomorrow calls for an all day work experience so sweet dreams to all you peeps.  Peace out!

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