Monday, January 23, 2012

Weighing In

Ok.  I am ready to get serious about taking my weight down.  I worked so hard to get it down just to have it go right back up in a blink of an eye.  It really is true what they say, "It takes only a week to put the weight on but a year to take it off."  I dont think it will take that long for me to take off mine.  At least I am crossing my fingers that it wont. 

Today I weighed in at 177.6lbs and I would really like to get down to 140 - 145lbs.  I believe that is a healthy weight for me and it wont make me stick skinny but it will make me healthy.  I have created some goal to help get close to this number and that is: Exercise a little each day, Dont eat past six, Drink lots of water, Get a smoothie in once a day. 

I can exercise a little or lot but as long as I get this body moving to let it know it needs to be active that is what counts.  I have always had great success when I stopped eating at six.  It gives the body time to digest and work off the days meal especially before bed time.  Which is another work out if you play your cards right.  Water and smoothies are good because they clean out the system in a sense.  You know you are getting rid of excess when you are using the potty.  I am just saying. 

Last but not least plenty of sleep which I can hear my bed calling me now.  Hope you all had a fabulous monday!!

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John said...

Starting the path to lose a few myself... You can do it!!